Welcome to Wareside Wines

Wareside Wines was originally set up in Wareside Herts in 2005 by David and Daphne Briscoe to produce and sell English Wines from a small vineyard in Herts and import Vierkoppen Wines from their farm in Klaasvoogds South Africa. The Wareside vineyard has now been sold but Vierkoppen wines are still imported by Wareside Wines and sold in the UK mainly through independent wine shops and owner run restaurants

Vierkoppen boutique wines are produced in small quantities using traditional methods of production at our farm and winery in Klaasvoogds. The grapes are all grown on the farm bunch selected, basket pressed, open fermented and barrel aged with minimal intervention. Truly hand made wines with no stainless steel in sight! They are exclusively mature reds. The farm currently has blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Syrah grapes and our wines are made from these varietals.

We currently have two wines available, both full-bodied, spicy reds. Our Cabernet Sauvgnon 2012 was awarded the Michelangelo Gold Award, and has 4.5* in the John Platter guide, whilst the Weavers Nest Reserve 2013 was awarded the Michelangelo Silver Award. We have three new wines coming on stream late in 2017, “The Basket Case Merlot”, “The ¬†Basket Case Cabernet Sauvignon” and “The Basket Case Petit Syrah”. So please keep on our Twitter feed below for up to date information on when these new wines become available.